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Mui Ne

Mui ne excels with its unique diversity of kitesurfing, culinary delights and nightlife all over Southeast Asia. In the morning, around 9 to 10 am, the northeast trade wind comes up on Mui Ne’s coast with perfect conditions for kite lessons to reach 20 knots to 25 knots during the day. From December to February, the north-east trade winds often reach more than 30 knots. Perfect for Big Airs 🙂

If kiting all day or learning how to kite is not everything to you – no Problem! In Mui Ne, there are countless small seafood restaurants right on the sea where you can pamper your sense of taste with vietnamese specialties. Around the early morning hours and at night, you will also find lots of foodstuffs to Mui Ne fishing Village to enjoy a delicious country-style Pho Bo (Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef) surrounded by locals. Mui Ne also offers international cuisine! The classic italians are here as well as an excellent indian and also a delicious classic german restaurant.

The nightlife you should not miss in Mui Ne beside to your kite lessons – before 9h in the morning there is very rare wind 🙂

There are several nightclubs at the seaside. Actually a classic favorite is the Pogo Bar in Mui Ne where we danced numerous nights. The Dragon Beach Bar is also highly recommended. It captivates with its international audience, pleasant atmosphere and its location directly at the sea.


Our wavespot! Perfect to learn how to kite in the waves. The northeast trade wind arrives in the bay north of Mui Ne side-on from the left. Between the waves, there are near-the-edge mirrors to concentrate on the next wave. The more you venture out the bigger are the waves. On good days the waves reach 3m  🙂